If you have ever aspired to work at home and start your own business, or if you want to make your existing home business more profitable, this comprehensive book, The Successful Home Business Guide, offers complete and practical advice along with step-by-step instruction.

The Successful Home Buiness Guide helps you:

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"The Suucessful Home Business Guide is the most comprehensive book I have read about starting a home business. I am impressed with the variety of topics that you included in your book. It forces the reader to consider the numerous details that must be addressed with starting a new business. It also serves as a good review for those of us already operating a home business. It was an easy read the first time through. Once it has been read cover-to-cover it can be used as a reference book for starting and improving a home-based business. I think your book is very timely considering the number of people that have lost "traditional" jobs and are considering going into business for themselves."

John M Turner, PhD. President, JMT & Associates, LLC

The author, Will Limkemann, is a practicing advisor to countless entrepreneurs in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, and has drawn from over thirty years experience working with and owning small businesses, many of which were home-based. He currently runs three businesses from his home. Will is active on several boards including the COSE Home Business Network Advisory Board.

He is an author and frequent speaker. Will also owns and operates a lamp manufacturing business.

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Entrepreneurs are expected to be experts in every discipline, to be able to do anything and make every decision. It can be a tough and lonely job. This book will help fill in the gaps so you can be more productive and profitable in starting and running your home-based business.

ISBN 978-1-887155-05-2

Everything you need to know to start and run your own business

Practical advice for running a productive and profitable business
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What kinds of businesses can be run from home? Here is a list of home business ideas. You may be amazed.
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"This is much more than a one-time read - it's an entrepreneur's map and a guide to turning your dream into a successful business and prosperous life."Roxanne Kaufman, president ProLaureate

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"The Successful Home Business Guide will be a great help to current and future home-baseed business owners. Even more important, the book is a tremendous tool for ALL business owners. It should be read thoroughly once, then again, then used as a reference book on how to successfully operate a business." Kip Marlow, president The Entrepreneurs Club of America

Practical advice for starting and operating a productive and profitable home-based business

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About the author - Will Limkemann

COSE Home Business Network
Will Limkemann is on the board of advisors and a proud supporter of the COSE Home Business Network.