Do you have what it takes to start and run a business?

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Yes No Not Sure
You have a specific business concept in mind
You are passionate about your business dream
You are committed to your business idea
Your enthusiasm is contagious
You are a self-starter
You can take some financial risk
You have a can-do optimistic attitude
You have the confidence to work alone and independently
You are confident in your own abilities
You are well organized
You are assertive
You are creative
You are able and willing to quickly learn what you don't already know
You are determined to make a difference in the world
You are flexible and able to adapt to changing conditions
You are a person of integrity

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If Your Score Is It means...
20-25 Go for it! You have the entrepreneurial spirit and qualities.
15-25 You have some of the qualities entrepreneurs need, but you'll have to work a bit harder to succeed.
10-15 Are you really sure you want to own your own business? Success may be a big challenge.
less than 10 Keep your day job.

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